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apples-pie is my personal, lifestyle blog.
kubiertos is a food blog I share with my husband, ChrisH.
mother of two is where I write about my experiences as a mom and wife.

In blogging. I am not a writer or a journalist. I graduated from an engineering course in an extremely nerdy school in Manila so I became the editor of our organization paper, joined a choir and got into competitive sports so I could shake up my world a bit.

Got a job to continue being a nerd and learned all about computers and the internet. I used my thirst for knowledge and creativity to discover the world wide web and got sucked into blogging, html, wordpress, social networking and twitter.

My journey as a blogger started back in 2005 using free platforms like to express my frustration at life and love. My husband (then boyfriend) watched as I struggled to learn css and html so that I could prettify my blog theme so he introduced me to wordpress and made my life easier.

Although not exactly a professional at blogging, I now know a bit more than I did 4 years ago. I have been able to extend my writing to niche topics such as food and parenting and currently I am still on a roll, alive and kicking and loving it.

In person.

What makes me go hmmm…

… smell of my husband’s perfume … satin sheets … racy thongs … killer stilettos … smell of brewed coffee … milk chocolate in my mouth … coming out of an orgasm … See’s candy store … Krispy Kreme … Fino leather store … Coach bags … potato chips … cheese … dripping caramel sauce … Marc Nelson

What makes me go uuggh…

… worms … mall comfort rooms … rain on my shoes … mud on my feet … sand on my legs … putting my bag on the floor … riding a crowded elevator … the smell of a fast food place at 10pm … wedgies … vanilla-scented perfume … ampalaya … stone-washed denim … sun-browned hair … split-ends … wind on my hair … sweat … hearing loud music out of other people’s earphones …

What makes me laugh…

… my husband’s signature dance … my sons’ kisses … being tickled … my friend Carlo’s antics … remembering my Arizona days with Jadie and Gette … reminiscing about old boyfriends … making fun of my friend Rudy … Scrubs TV series

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