Alternatives To Smoking

Are There Safe Alternatives To Smoking?

Are there alternatives to smoking? It is not enough to just quit smoking. Sheer willpower and desire alone can often be enough to give up cigarettes, but unless something else replaces it, long-term success is unlikely. Ask ten former smokers if alternatives to smoking helped them form new habits after cigarettes, and nine of them will tell you yes.

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For some, their alternative to smoking takes the form of exercise. It is used to help fight many addictions, and it releases endorphins that naturally feel good. Exercise also eases anxiety and stress.

Food takes the place of smoking for many people. This often happens in the form of sweets that replace the blood sugar boosts that smoking often triggers. Candies like licorice or Twizzlers often not only satisfy the sugar craving but also the need to have something in the fingers.

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Healthy eating is a better alternative to smoking, as a natural or organic snack can ease nicotine cravings as well as the desire to have something in your lips. Slices of bell peppers, carrots, and celery are all great fresh veggie choices.

Vaping is a growing alternative that many users are choosing to step down from cigarettes. You can still maintain or draw down your nicotine addiction, but avoid tobacco and all the cancerous effects. If you want to look further into this vape mod review is a good place to start.


Other nicotine-delivery methods still exist that were around before vaping, such as patches and gums. Best e juice review states that with the ingredients used in vaping you are much safer then actually inhaling smoke and tar.

Some consider chewing tobacco as an alternative to smoking, but even this habit is still highly dangerous to your health, so it’s hardly a good substitute to consider.

Quitting smoking is hard because there’s an addiction to chemicals like nicotine as well as the physical habit itself. Many of these alternatives let you think about what you’re gaining instead of losing, which boosts your chances of success.


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